Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcome! | Rowan Diane

Welcome to my blog!

I'm not going to lie... I've started and re-started this blog a lot but I'm ready to be committed to this! So let's do this! I'm excited and  hope you guys are too.

My name is Rowan and I am 20, almost 21 years old! I love photography, travel, concerts, and make up. This blog is going to be anything and everything. I want to talk about my goals, my travels, make up products, my photography and more. I'll try to keep it as organized as possible but I really just want this to be a place for my thoughts. I might do some story times or whatever is on my mind at the moment.

I hope you all enjoy this. I've wanted to make this for a long time. I've needed a place for my thoughts so here we go! Just a little disclaimer... I wasn't the best at English in high school so I'll do my best to spell things right and do my best to make sense. So hopefully my English teacher from high school doesn't read this because she would be disappointed. Haha!

If you guys have any feedback, requests, questions or comments don't be afraid to tell me! I would love to hear from you guys.

Thank you for reading my first blog entry!

I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane

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