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Against The Current! | Rowan Diane

Hey guys!

This post is going to about one of my favorite bands, Against The Current, and all of their concerts I've been to. I started listening to them back in 2013 right when they released their first single, Thinking. They started out as a cover band from YouTube and that's how they got their fame. I found them through Alex Goot, another cover artist. They did a song together and I fell in love with both of them. They both make original music now!

Against The Current are a 3 person band...Will, Chrissy and Dan. They are the sweetest humans ever! Seriously! They put on an amazing show. If you guys have never heard of them, check them out. I've shown a few of my friends their music and everyone has always said that they love them!

The first time I saw them live was in 2013. It was the A Summer With Alex Goot Tour. It had King the Kid, Against The Current, Sam Tsui and of course Alex Goot. It was in Sacramento at the Boardwalk. This was before I would go to a lot of concerts and didn't have friends to go with...lol. So, I went with my mom and we weren't very close to the front. It was so crowded! So many people were there which was actually amazing.

I'm going to insert pictures...please remember this was 4 years ago so I have zero makeup on, glasses, and I didn't know what I was doing, haha.

Ricky from King The Kid
David from King The Kid

Jose from King The Kid
Chrissy Costanza from ATC
Landon Austin
Luke Conard
King The Kid
Against The Current
Alex Goot & Luke Conard

As you can see, the pictures of the show I was kind of far away and they were kind of blurry. I think these were taken on an iPhone 4... so that explains the bad quality! I remember being so nervous meeting them! A night I definitley won't forget.
The next time I saw them it was the Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour. Set It Off, As It Is and Roam were also on tour with them as well. I saw them in Salt Lake City. I think it was in  March 2015! It was the tiniest venue ever and it was half inside and outside. I wasn't too close again but this was the first time I went with a friend and my love for concerts grew and grew. I bought VIP but I was late so I didn't get a group picture with them. However, their tour manager helped me meet them so I'm very grateful for him!
As It Is
Against The Current
Against The Current
Against The Current
Patty from As It Is

Chrissy from ATC
Dan from ATC
Will from ATC

The next time I saw them was their first world tour...Gravity World Tour. If you're a big fan of them, you know how much of big deal this is for them. I was so excited! They were on tour with Jule Vera and Vinyl Theatre. This time I got VIP and I was on time. Yay! This show was October 2015 in Salt Lake City and then I went to Scottsdale, Arizona in November 2015. The first time I traveled for them and it was so fun! I went with my friend Aspen!
ATC VIP Salt Lake

Salt Lake
ATC VIP Arizona
Chrissy from ATC, Arizona
The next time I saw them was at Warped Tour in July 2016. This was my first time there and it was so fun! I saw The Maine, We The Kings, ATC and a few others. But Warped Tour can be on a different post if you would like to see let me know!
The next time I saw them was in Decemeber 2016 for their first debut album tour, In Our Bones. This album is so good, you have to listen! I saw them in Salt Lake City again.

ATC VIP, Salt Lake
That's all the shows I've been to so far. They are my favorite to see live and I genuinely enjoy their music. I definitely recommend listening to them.
Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed  and want to see more posts, let me know!
I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane



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