Sunday, January 22, 2017

Exciting Things! | Rowan Diane

Hey Guys! Welcome back! It's been a few days without a post but like I said, I don't have an upload schedule just yet. So far so good though, right? I'm loving this so much. I hope you guys are too.

Today I thought I could make a post all about my exciting things to come. I have a few trips coming up that I thought I could share with you. I hope you enjoy!

I guess to start I have a concert coming up in April. Not much to prepare for this other than making sure I know all the words...DUH! I'm going to see We The Kings in March. I'm SO excited. It's there 10 year anniversary and they're playing all of their songs from their first album. I know, exciting right? Are you guys fan of We The Kings? I have been for a long time. Especially Charles and Travis because they have YouTube channels! I'm going with one of my favorite people ever, Zoe. I'm sure you guys will see her more in upcoming posts. We both went to the Boys Like Girls 10 year anniversary concert which was amazing! So we have to see We The Kings.

Another concert coming up in April is The Maine. It is also their 10 year anniversary. Feel old yet? I do! I'll be going to that show with Zoe, also. If you can't tell concerts are my thing! I love them. I think one of my next post will be about concerts! I only have documented the concerts I went to in 2015 and 2016. If you guys want to see that, let me know!

The next very very very exciting thing happening is my 21st birthday!! To say I'm excited is an understatement. I have never been someone excited for birthdays. My 19th and 20th honestly sucked...but that's for another day. My best friend Jayden (or I call her Bean) is making me so excited. I've never had a true, genuine, best friend like her before. We are planning a trip to LA for my 21st. It's going to be the best time. I think we're even going to try to vlog it...I'll keep you posted on that. But yes, LA BABY!! We're going to the beach, clubs, Universal Studios, and more!! I've been there a lot now but this trip is going to be the best. I can feel it!

After that, I would like to take a trip to Disneyland in the summer. The fact that I'm going to LA and not Disneyland for my birthday kind of breaks my heart. SO I need a trip there in the summer!

My best friend, Jayden, turns 22 in September so I would like to plan a little weekend trip for her. Even if we just had a little trip into Salt Lake City. She deserves something fun for her birthday too.

If you didn't know, I was born in England and I moved away from there when I was younger. So my dad, step mom and I are planning on meeting up in Florida during Christmas time to go to Disney World!!

That's pretty much everything I have coming up. Each one will get their own blog post... don't worry ;)

Thank you so much for reading

I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane

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