Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2015 & 2016 Concerts! | Rowan Diane

Hey guys!

Welcome back. This post is going to be about all the concerts I attended in 2015 & 2016. I am not trying to brag about all of shows I've seen, I just thought I would share incase you wanted a more detailed post on certain bands like I did for Against The Current. So here we go...Starting with 2015!

  • March 8, 2015: Against The Current (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • April 16, 2015: Kalin & Myles (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • July 4, 2015: Futuristic (San Diego, California)
  • August 12, 2015: R5 (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • August 27, 2015: Futuristic (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • August 28, 2015: Futuristic (San Francisco, California)
  • August 29, 2015: Futuristic (Santa Ana, California)
  • September 1, 2015: Futuristic (Los Angeles, California)
  • October 16, 2015: MAX (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • October 28, 2015: Against The Current (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • November 8, 2015: Against The Current (Scottsdale, Arizona)
  • November 13, 2015: gnash (Santa Ana, California)
  • Novemever 13, 2015: An Evening with Justin Bieber (Los Angeles, California)
  • November 15, 2015: gnash (Los Angeles, California)
  • November 18, 2015: Cam Meekins (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • January 9, 2016: G Eazy (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • January 30, 2016: Futuristic, Devvon Terrell, Moosh & Twist, Mike Stud (Morgantown, West Virginia)
  • January 31, 2016: Futuristic,Devvon Terrell, Moosh & Twist, Mike Stud (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  • February 26, 2016: Futuristic, Devvon Terrell, Moosh & Twist, Mike Stud (Denver, Colorado)
  • February 27, 2016: Futuristic, Devvon Terrell, Moosh & Twist, Mike Stud (Boulder, Colorado)
  • March 5, 2016: Futuristic, Moosh & Twist, Mike Stud (Reno, Nevada)
  • March 6, 2016: Futuristic, Devvon Terrell, Moosh & Twist, Mike Stud (Sacramento, California)
  • March 11, 2016: Futuristic, Devvon Terrell, Moosh & Twist, Mike Stud (Los Angeles, California)
  • March 12, 2016: Derek Luh (Los Angeles, California)
  • June 25, 2016: Hopsin (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • June 26, 2016: Mark Battles (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • June 30, 2016: Warped Tour (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • August 17, 2016: Boys Like Girls (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • Septemeber 22, 2016: Blink-182 (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • October 4, 2016: Futuristic (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • December 10, 2016: Against The Current (Salt Lake City, Utah)

That's all of the concerts I attended in 2015 and 2016. I hope you enjoyed! If you would like any details on certain dates like Warped Tour or when I went to the other side of the country for shows, let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane

10 Ways to Help Save Money! | Rowan Diane

Hey guys!

I really struggle with saving money. I get my paycheck and then by the next its almost gone which I know is not good. I have been trying to get into the habit of saving money. Not only do I want to save money for my birthday trip to LA, I just need to build my savings account. It feels so good to work hard at my job and seeing it in my bank account. I know money isn't the answer to everything and happiness but it just feels good. It feels good knowing that hard works pays off. It feels good knowing that I have saved up my money and I've done this trip all by myself.

Now I have struggles for a long time trying to save money. When I see a new make up item or a sale at my favorite clothing store, I feel like I need to buy it. I get the urge to buy it and sometimes I cave, I'm not going to lie. I'm not perfect when it comes to saving but I think that's okay. It's okay to treat yourself once in a while. So here are my favorite ways to save money!

  1. The first one is putting some of my check into my savings. Depending on how much my paycheck is, depends on how much I put into my savings. But I usually try to put at least $50-$200 into my savings when I first get paid. Then when my next paycheck is about to come in, I put everything that I haven't spent from my last paycheck into my savings. Sometimes it's nothing, sometimes it's a lot, but even if you put $1 in your savings it helps.
  2. My next advice would be once you put it into your savings DON'T touch it. It's off limits until an emergency happens or the thing you've been saving up for comes out. If you don't think you can survive until your next paycheck, don't put anything into your savings until the next paycheck rolls in.
  3. Now this one is a little harder because commercials are literally everywhere but turn off the TV. You won't see the latest and greatest products. You won't see advertisements for your favorite restaurants. Therefore, you won't buy the latest and greatest, and you won't crave your favorite restaurant. Try watching Netflix more because there are no commercials on there!
  4. This one is hard too if you don't have motivation but exercise. When I get into the habit of working out, I don't want to eat out as much because I'm trying to be healthy. I also thinks it keeps me busy because it takes up time. Go for a walk, go to the gym, work out a home whatever your style may be! It's a good hobby to have.
  5. Speaking of hobbies, find a hobby that doesn't cost money. It could be working out, it could be writing a blog like me, reading or maybe even cleaning. Whatever you enjoy that keeps you more occupied, do it! I know before this blog I would get so bored when I wasn't at work, so I would look at my email and see all of the deals of shopping online. Keep yourself busy.
  6. Shopping online. AVOID IT. It is so easy to shop online. You don't have to deal with other customers, you don't have to deal with annoying employees and best of all, you don't have to leave your house. This is the one I struggle with the most. Like I said, it's so easy to shop online, but don't do it. Try to avoid it at all costs. If you use PayPal, maybe delete your information from the website so it's not as convenient to shop. Another tip would be unsubscribing from emails that send you sales and deals. I know how tempting it can be to look at the sales but if you don't see them, you won't know about them!
  7. Find your motivation. I know it can be so hard to save up money when you have nothing to save for so find your motivation! It might be if you save $500 you can buy those shoes you've been looking at. It might be a trip with your best friend that's coming u. It could also be bills and being comfortable. No one wants to live paycheck to paycheck so saving as much as you can so you don't feel like your struggling can be a huge motivation.
  8. Say you do plan a trip with your best friend like I am, a good thing to do for the road trip is pack your own food. That way you don't have to spend more money than you have to. We're taking our own bread, peanut butter and jelly. It's easy, delicious and convenient. Pack a cooler of all your favorite road trip snacks. For us, we live in Utah so buying food here is going to be way cheaper than buying food in LA.
  9. Pack your lunch. Whether your going to school or work or whatever you might have going on that day, pack your lunch. Just think it can save you an extra $10 or $12 a day! Also, drink your coffee at home, make it in a to go cup. You can save $5 a day by not drinking a Starbucks coffee everyday.
  10. Drink more water. If you do decide to go out to eat, get a water. I've been doing this for a while now. For one, it's better for you and two, you'll save $2-$3 on your meal!
Those are a few of my favorite tips on saving money! What are yours? I'm always open to hear more ways to save money.

Thank you for reading!

I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Favorite Music! | Rowan Diane

Hey guys!

Welcome back to my blog. I'm feeling a theme of music right now with the last post being about Against The Current. I go through phases with music. I'll find a song and become obsessed with it. I play it over and over again or I obsess over old songs. I love upbeat happy songs, sad love songs, punk music, rock music, and a lot more. I have a few artists that I'm obsessed with but I'm more of a fall in love with the song kind of girl. I'm not very good at explaining songs so I'm just going to list my favorites not in any particular order. So here are a few of my favorite songs of the moment!

  1. Trust Issues - Olivia O'Brien
  2. Find What You're Looking For - Olivia O'Brien
  3. Still Into You - Ashley Tisdale (feat. Chris French)
  4. DNA - Lia Marie Johnson
  5. When The Stars Go Blue - Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz
  6. Shout Out To My Ex - Little Mix
  7. Faith - Stevie Wonder (feat. Ariana Grande)
  8. Set It All Free - Scarlett Johansson
  9. How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara
  10. Secret Love Song - Little Mix (feat. Jason Derulo)
  11. Swish - Mike Stud
  12. Outsider - Against The Current
  13. When I'm Gone - Eminem
  14. Starving - Hailee Steinfeld & Grey (feat. Zedd)
  15. Recognize - Skizzy Mars (feat. Jojo)
  16. Fight For This Love - Cheryl Cole
  17. Stickwitu - The Pussycat Dolls
  18. Side to Side - Ariana Grande (feat. Nicki Minaj)
  19. Believe in Me - Demi Lovato
  20. Boy - Little Mix

Those are 20 of my favorite songs right now. The list is longer than I thought it was going to be. I thought of one song then I thought of another. What are your favorite songs? I love hearing other peoples favorites and hearing new songs!

Thank you for reading!

I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane

Against The Current! | Rowan Diane

Hey guys!

This post is going to about one of my favorite bands, Against The Current, and all of their concerts I've been to. I started listening to them back in 2013 right when they released their first single, Thinking. They started out as a cover band from YouTube and that's how they got their fame. I found them through Alex Goot, another cover artist. They did a song together and I fell in love with both of them. They both make original music now!

Against The Current are a 3 person band...Will, Chrissy and Dan. They are the sweetest humans ever! Seriously! They put on an amazing show. If you guys have never heard of them, check them out. I've shown a few of my friends their music and everyone has always said that they love them!

The first time I saw them live was in 2013. It was the A Summer With Alex Goot Tour. It had King the Kid, Against The Current, Sam Tsui and of course Alex Goot. It was in Sacramento at the Boardwalk. This was before I would go to a lot of concerts and didn't have friends to go So, I went with my mom and we weren't very close to the front. It was so crowded! So many people were there which was actually amazing.

I'm going to insert pictures...please remember this was 4 years ago so I have zero makeup on, glasses, and I didn't know what I was doing, haha.

Ricky from King The Kid
David from King The Kid

Jose from King The Kid
Chrissy Costanza from ATC
Landon Austin
Luke Conard
King The Kid
Against The Current
Alex Goot & Luke Conard

As you can see, the pictures of the show I was kind of far away and they were kind of blurry. I think these were taken on an iPhone 4... so that explains the bad quality! I remember being so nervous meeting them! A night I definitley won't forget.
The next time I saw them it was the Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour. Set It Off, As It Is and Roam were also on tour with them as well. I saw them in Salt Lake City. I think it was in  March 2015! It was the tiniest venue ever and it was half inside and outside. I wasn't too close again but this was the first time I went with a friend and my love for concerts grew and grew. I bought VIP but I was late so I didn't get a group picture with them. However, their tour manager helped me meet them so I'm very grateful for him!
As It Is
Against The Current
Against The Current
Against The Current
Patty from As It Is

Chrissy from ATC
Dan from ATC
Will from ATC

The next time I saw them was their first world tour...Gravity World Tour. If you're a big fan of them, you know how much of big deal this is for them. I was so excited! They were on tour with Jule Vera and Vinyl Theatre. This time I got VIP and I was on time. Yay! This show was October 2015 in Salt Lake City and then I went to Scottsdale, Arizona in November 2015. The first time I traveled for them and it was so fun! I went with my friend Aspen!
ATC VIP Salt Lake

Salt Lake
ATC VIP Arizona
Chrissy from ATC, Arizona
The next time I saw them was at Warped Tour in July 2016. This was my first time there and it was so fun! I saw The Maine, We The Kings, ATC and a few others. But Warped Tour can be on a different post if you would like to see let me know!
The next time I saw them was in Decemeber 2016 for their first debut album tour, In Our Bones. This album is so good, you have to listen! I saw them in Salt Lake City again.

ATC VIP, Salt Lake
That's all the shows I've been to so far. They are my favorite to see live and I genuinely enjoy their music. I definitely recommend listening to them.
Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed  and want to see more posts, let me know!
I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane



Sunday, January 22, 2017

Exciting Things! | Rowan Diane

Hey Guys! Welcome back! It's been a few days without a post but like I said, I don't have an upload schedule just yet. So far so good though, right? I'm loving this so much. I hope you guys are too.

Today I thought I could make a post all about my exciting things to come. I have a few trips coming up that I thought I could share with you. I hope you enjoy!

I guess to start I have a concert coming up in April. Not much to prepare for this other than making sure I know all the words...DUH! I'm going to see We The Kings in March. I'm SO excited. It's there 10 year anniversary and they're playing all of their songs from their first album. I know, exciting right? Are you guys fan of We The Kings? I have been for a long time. Especially Charles and Travis because they have YouTube channels! I'm going with one of my favorite people ever, Zoe. I'm sure you guys will see her more in upcoming posts. We both went to the Boys Like Girls 10 year anniversary concert which was amazing! So we have to see We The Kings.

Another concert coming up in April is The Maine. It is also their 10 year anniversary. Feel old yet? I do! I'll be going to that show with Zoe, also. If you can't tell concerts are my thing! I love them. I think one of my next post will be about concerts! I only have documented the concerts I went to in 2015 and 2016. If you guys want to see that, let me know!

The next very very very exciting thing happening is my 21st birthday!! To say I'm excited is an understatement. I have never been someone excited for birthdays. My 19th and 20th honestly sucked...but that's for another day. My best friend Jayden (or I call her Bean) is making me so excited. I've never had a true, genuine, best friend like her before. We are planning a trip to LA for my 21st. It's going to be the best time. I think we're even going to try to vlog it...I'll keep you posted on that. But yes, LA BABY!! We're going to the beach, clubs, Universal Studios, and more!! I've been there a lot now but this trip is going to be the best. I can feel it!

After that, I would like to take a trip to Disneyland in the summer. The fact that I'm going to LA and not Disneyland for my birthday kind of breaks my heart. SO I need a trip there in the summer!

My best friend, Jayden, turns 22 in September so I would like to plan a little weekend trip for her. Even if we just had a little trip into Salt Lake City. She deserves something fun for her birthday too.

If you didn't know, I was born in England and I moved away from there when I was younger. So my dad, step mom and I are planning on meeting up in Florida during Christmas time to go to Disney World!!

That's pretty much everything I have coming up. Each one will get their own blog post... don't worry ;)

Thank you so much for reading

I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane

Friday, January 20, 2017

Get to Know Me! | Rowan Diane

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you enjoyed my first post. I'm so excited to really start posting content. I don't think I'm going to have a posting schedule right now. I'm just going to post whenever I can! Hopefully as much as possible! I have have so many ideas but I still would love to hear your requests so let me know!

Today I have decided to do a "get to know me" post. So here are a few facts about me...

  1. My name is Rowan Diane (not saying my last name because duh).
  2. I was born in England and lived there until I was 12.
  3. I have lived in England, California and Utah.
  4. I'm a military brat so we move a lot! (step dad is in the military)
  5. I did gymnastics for 9 years.
  6. My favorite colours are green, purple, and blue!
  7. I have have 6 siblings (some of them are half siblings!)
  8. I am definitely more of a summer girl! I hate the cold.
  9. I love shoes. I have so many pairs and I all I want to do is buy more.
  10. Speaking of spending money... make-up. I LOVE make-up. I can buy and collect it all day, everyday.
  11. Concerts are my jam! In 2016, I went to16 concerts. This year I'm hoping for more. Maybe I'll make a post about them later.
  12. I love music.
  13. I love singing. I like to think I can sing, but I know I'm bad at it. Haha, I like to pretend I know what I am doing.
  14. I graduated high school in Northern California.
  15. I went to Cosmetology school.
  16. Right now, I am a children's fitness coach.
  17. Breakfast food is the best food.
  18. I watch YouTube & Netflix more than regular TV.
  19. MTV The Challenge is my favorite show!
  20. Friends is my favorite TV show.

I think that's all I'll share for now. If you liked this let me know and I could do some more!

Thank you so much for reading!

I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane

Welcome! | Rowan Diane

Welcome to my blog!

I'm not going to lie... I've started and re-started this blog a lot but I'm ready to be committed to this! So let's do this! I'm excited and  hope you guys are too.

My name is Rowan and I am 20, almost 21 years old! I love photography, travel, concerts, and make up. This blog is going to be anything and everything. I want to talk about my goals, my travels, make up products, my photography and more. I'll try to keep it as organized as possible but I really just want this to be a place for my thoughts. I might do some story times or whatever is on my mind at the moment.

I hope you all enjoy this. I've wanted to make this for a long time. I've needed a place for my thoughts so here we go! Just a little disclaimer... I wasn't the best at English in high school so I'll do my best to spell things right and do my best to make sense. So hopefully my English teacher from high school doesn't read this because she would be disappointed. Haha!

If you guys have any feedback, requests, questions or comments don't be afraid to tell me! I would love to hear from you guys.

Thank you for reading my first blog entry!

I'll see you next time...
Rowan Diane